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Area Live Shoot: part 1 'welcome to Area'

Direct from men's fashion week: the "Schola Monastic Cocktail" at Area Paris edition 17.

A revolutionary inside look at the world's leading independent designer show. Area opens its exclusive doors to the world via webcast during men's fashion week in Paris. Geoffrey B. Small gets ready to present "Schola," his newest spring/summer 2008 collection for men, and welcomes you to Area... introducing you to the historic Espace Saint Martin and some of the key people who make Area edition 17 happen: supermodels, designers, cutting-edge store buyers, Fashion Therapy' s Lionel Cisinski, Artist Joan Carassus, Modem publications, and "Empty Box" the first Paris collection of rising young Japanese designer Yui Hashimoto of Ethosens.

Part one of a series. 12:21 minutes. All footage shot on location by Jerome Chichet. copyright 2007 Area/Geoffrey B. Small all rights reserved.

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