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Geoffrey B. Small presented his first women's Paris catwalk show
since 1997 at Area on March 2nd at the Espace Saint Martin
continuing his revolutionary development of napoleonic-era
interpretations for 21st century avant-garde customers.






2012 Logomania selection special pieces

A special selection of  designer activist-wear items developed from our historic Logomania anti-nuclear paris collection, 
available for a limited time only to individuals, retailers and non-profit environmental groups and associations.
Please view the collection and reserve your selections right away.

LMA02 The Logomania special metal badge (made in Italy) 3,75 euros*

LMA01 The Logomania special enamel-plated lapel pin (made in italy) 9,00 euros*

LMT08 The Logomania special print t-shirt    32,50 euros*

LMK01P The Logomania special multi-print cardigan zip hooded sweatshirt 235,00 euros*


The Logomania special print Italian nylon military multi-function bag 195,00 euros*

LMA07black - LMA07camo1 - LMA07olive

The Logomania handmade ciclista bycicle trainer shoe 295,00 euros*

LMZ04black - LMZ04white

special items & accessories

The Logomania Booklet - The Logomania clothes hangers - The Logomania rolling rack

*prices are suggested retail for individual private purchases. Special pricing for
authorized retailers as well as non-profit environmental groups and associations also available, please inquire here.

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