"There is only one goal:
to make the best clothes in the world
today that are still humanly possible,
that is all we care about."


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For over 4 decades, a leading pioneer in
environmental and ethical design creation and
extreme hand made technologies

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A look at the GBS Via Spalato
Workrooms (December 2014):

See Eugene Rabkin's beautiful photo essay of our
legendary workrooms at Cavarzere Venezia for
StyleZeitgeist Magazine...

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on us online:



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Stylezeitgeist Magazine

"Geoffrey B. Small: Satisfying Our Customers"
2012 Alan Grazioso‬

First of 2 parts by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Alan Grazioso on the American designer Geoffrey B. Small filmed in Paris in January 2012 during his presentation for his Autumn/Winter 2012 "You Cannot Evict an Idea"  collection in Paris dedicated to the people of the Occupy Movement and non-violent people around the world working for freedom, dignity and equality.  The show marked an intense and emotional multimedia presentation that brought many in the audience to tears. The 2 short films were funded and commissioned  by a large management educational materials supplier to schools and universities, and focus primarily on behind the scenes and backstage footage, and the artist's unique business philosophies and managerial approach, The designer agreed to be the subject of the films in hopes of raising awareness about alternative approaches to business and organizational management to a new generation of managerial students entering the business, organizational and corporate world...

"Geoffrey B. Small: Supply Chain" 2012 HD documentary by Alan Grazioso 2nd Part

Second of 2 parts by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Alan Grazioso on the American designer Geoffrey B. Small filmed in Paris in January 2012 during his presentation of the collection "You cannot evict an idea" which was dedicated to the Occupy Movement and people working around the world for freedom, civil liberties and dignity. The 2 short films were funded and commissioned by Cengage and focus primarily on the artist's unique business philosophies and managerial approach and have been seen by several hundred thousand management students in MBA programs around the world...

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Geoffrey B. Small Via Spalato, 50-1   30014 Cavarzere (Venezia) Italy
tel/fax +39 0426.311610

Geoffrey B. Small collections are produced exclusively
by Geoffrey B. Small Made in Italy Srl

copyright 1995-MMXX Geoffrey B. Small.
all rights reserved worldwide.

Sharing our story:

A growing independent design firm that is redefining the Art of making clothes for the 21st century

View the AW2016 "Heartbeat"
lookbook campaign:


View the SS2016 "Radicallissimo"
lookbook campaign starring Stephane Olivier:

View the latest coverage of "Heartbeat"
in Uomo Collezioni:


View Fashion network's Paris coverage of "Escape" AW2016 Women's collection:


"Escape" pieces are at Eth0s in Shanghai and
Hostem Archive in London.

"Heartbeat" Paris FW2016 men's show
on Fashion Channel TV Milan:

FashionTV speaks to Geoffrey B Small in Paris at his Fall/Winter 2016-17
"Heartbeat"  Men's Collection Show...


"Examen Reginae" a radical new directional collection in handmade design technologies

The incredible story of the creation of the most extreme hand built women's collection ever presented in Paris for ready to wear, explained by the designer exclusively for StyleZeitgeist.com...

See the Paris runway coverage of "Examen Reginae" in Collezioni Donna:


‪Paris Fashion Week SpringSumm‬er 2016 on FashionOne: "Examen Reginae" Interview

Experience our work:

Where can you find the best handmade
clothing in the world today?
Visit or contact our exclusive GBS worldwide  



The Spectacular Autumn/Winter 2016
collection of handmade men's & women's pieces
created exclusively for Eth0s in Shanghai


The extreme handmade Fratelli Piacenza 1733
pure Alashan cashmere GBS Supersuit" with over 200 hours
of specialized handwork required to create it along with the ultralux L. Parisotto super 120's double-twist Venezia
luxury cotton handmade shirt and Serica della Marca
pure silk twill cravatte scarf, part of the  incredible men's handmade collection  created exclusively in the world at Darklands in Berlin

Take a look a the phenomenal 1850's
modified pattern reproduction jacket and
other amazing pieces here
on StyleZeitgeist.com.

Advanced Auguste Renoir double-breasted
extreme handmade Supersuit in Fratelli Piacenza's
remarkable pure Alashan cashmere worsted olive
green and black prince of wales glen plaid weave
created for Hostem Archive  in London

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