"There is only one goal:
to make the best clothes in the world that are still humanly possible, that is all we care about."

Since 1979, elevating the art and science of making clothes by hand.  Now celebrating the revolutionary new Geoffrey B. Small "Evolution" design series programs and
over 110 Paris collections -

available only through exclusive GBS authorized dealers worldwide.

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 Introducing our latest extreme handmade supercoat:

The  Evolution III ETC01 and GRC08 in Fratelli Piacenza 1733's amazing "Cocoon" vicunya and royal cashmere cloth, with pure Como silk linings and over 125 hours of care, passion and extreme handmade clothing master work and technologies. Designed and built to deliver elegance, performance, long-term wear and financial value like no other luxury topcoat today... created exclusively by the most advanced handmade tailoring organization in the world- at GBS Superworkrooms at Cavarzere Venezia, Italy.

  It's the lightest pure cashmere shirt in the world:


The phenomenal extreme handmade GBS supershirt created with the world’s lightest pure cashmere fabric: the amazing 170 gram per meter ‘Alashan Breath’ woven by the oldest and very best cashmere and fine wool fabric mill in the world- Fratelli Piacenza 1733 in Pollone, Biella- and over 60 hours of master work, components, and care at our GBS Superworkrooms at Cavarzere Venezia in Italy to make it... defies any concept of ''fashion'' or ''seasonality.'' Just pure elegant year-round performance, comfort and excellence.  Part of an entire collection of tailored clothing designs offering the lightest pure cashmere wardrobe ever available.  Discover the value of the new GBS superlight pure Alashan cashmere supershirt at Blue Mountain School in London, Darklands in Berlin, Leclaireur Hérold in Paris, Hirshleifer’s in Manhassett NY,  and Closet Case in Dubai.


The best designer cashmere coats in the industry- discover our reknowned pure Fratelli Piacenza Alashan cashmere supercoats:


An impeccable range of advanced classic single-breasted, double-breasted and raglan balcaman designs executed in 2-ply 460 gram and 3-ply 550 gram pure Alashan cashmere from the world's oldest still running wool mill and most respected cashmere fabric maker, each with exquisite pure Como silk lining stories, extreme handmade details and extraordinary comfort that will serve you for a lifetime...

The GBS Fratelli Piacenza Super 210's
Arcadia 13-micron wool Supersuits:


Extreme handmade performance and value- designed and made like no other suit in the world.

Vicunya and Super 210's Supersuits:

Taking the unbelievable GBS Fratelli Piacenza 1733 Arcadia Super 210's 13-micron wearing experience and performance to another level with certified Peruvian Vicunya. 

Pure Vicunya designs:


Named "The Fleece of the Gods" by the Inca thousands of years ago,  working with Fratelli Piacenza's amazing Peruvian certified pure Vicunya "Artesiana" fabric confirms that everything about this cloth is celestial...  the greatest fabric in the world is also now one of its best examples of sustainability.   


Pure Como Silk Supershirts:

  The new standard in handmade pure silk shirts and blouses. 
Experience them exclusively at GBS exclusive authorized dealers worldwide.

Pure Cariaggi yarn Cashmere

Extraordinary investment pieces in extreme artisan-made 100% pure Cariaggi yarn cashmere 365-655 gram 5 and 7 gauge fully-fashioned knit constructions with exquisite hand dye stories... each created exclusively at Cavarzere Venezia, discover them now
at Darklands in Berlin and Hues in Fukuoka.

Women's Formal Wear:


Gender equality also applies to wardrobe value.  Enjoy the pure elegance and benefits of real handmade tailoring excellence for your evenings and special events.

GBS Special Order:

It's a little-known secret that our best dealers can get select access for their best GBS customers to a whole new world of designer tailoring services through our GBS Special Order programs performed exclusively in our world-famous superworkrooms at Cavarzere Venezia.  Discover the Art of Geoffrey B. Small made to order pieces with Blue Mountain School in London, Le Berger in Tokyo, Darklands in Berlin, Eth0s in Shanghai, and Leclaireur Hérold in Paris.

 VIP Special Client Services:

An unprecedented 21st century bespoke advanced design wardrobe service performed personally by the designer at the GBS Superworkrooms at Cavarzere Venezia with the most advanced tailoring organization in the world.  The firm focuses on providing maximum wardrobe design excellence, value and performance, and adheres to a strict policy of absolute discretion regarding its VIP client and special design services in order to not draw any attention, allowing the company to operate in secret, thus preventing the compromise of sensitive information on its productions or projects to the industry, media or public in order to protect its clients.  Consider raising the levels of your wardrobe project to an entirely new level with GBS VIP Special Client Services.  By invitation only.  Contact your exclusive authorized GBS worldwide dealer to apply for an invitation. 

Discover more at an
exclusive GBS authorized dealer:

United Kingdom:

Blue Mountain School, London


 Darklands, Berlin   

Leclaireur Hérold, Paris


Le Berger, Tokyo

T.O., Kochi

Hues, Fukuoka

 Provogue, Nagoya

Phaeton, Ishikawa
Liberté, Kobe

Carrefour, Jiyugaoka (Tokyo)

Lister, Ginza (Tokyo)



Eth0s, Shanghai

Commonplace, Beijing

Forestone, Xi'an

Dongliang, Beijing

Ink, Hong Kong

Middle East:

Closet Case, Dubai

North America:

Hirshleifer's, Manhassett

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 GBS Superworkrooms
Via dell'Artigianato, 4 - 30014 Cavarzere (Venezia) Italy
tel +39 0426.311905

Geoffrey B. Small collections are produced exclusively

copyright 1995-MMXXIII Geoffrey B. Small.
all rights reserved worldwide.

The amazing GBS Superworkrooms at Cavarzere Venezia:

Home of the world's most advanced handmade designer tailoring organization and the most unique clothing creation faciilities on the planet- as well as the most sustainable. Watch our story for Evolution VI here...

The GBS Paris Legacy:

  Since 1993 Geoffrey B. Small was the first American designer to present avant-garde fashion design collections in Paris and since then has presented over 110 cutting-edge collections which hve led the industry. A true designer's designer, he has shunned the typical hype and press of his contemporaries in order to devote his entire career to his firm's design and product. Among insiders and loyal customers, he is known as one of the most often copied and rarely credited creative forces of his generation- with a style of art and presentation that is uniquely dedicated to the human side of creating clothes. Watch a selection of GBS Paris show videos from 1995 to 2020 at GBS Vimeo showcase 1 here...

The Podcast interview:
Geoffrey B. Small with StyleZeitgeist

"Artisanal Fashion with Geoffrey B. Small" the designer spoke with StyleZeitgeist founder and iconoclast fashion journalist Eugene Rabkin in 2021 at length on his firm's work and total commitment to the art of making clothes by hand for human beings. 

Listen to it here....

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