A dedicated pure research collection of entirely handmade pieces produced by the designer himself in his reknowned Via dei Martiri 13 apartment workrooms at
Cavarzere Venezia Italy from 2001 to 2013, now being created in his new greatly expanded Via Spalato 50-1 workrooms in the same town at Cavarzere Venezia.
Presented each season to the world trade buyers and press exclusively in Paris during the men's and women's designer weeks, and recognized as a
world leader in advanced clothing design concept development and extreme hand made technologies, design and materials.
Maximum production is currently limited to only about 620 total unique pieces for the world per season.
Offering the world's most advanced artisanal techniques, textile treatment,  fabrics, components, new garment construction and vintage recycle design.
Available exclusively in the designer's select and extremely limited number of  authorized special dealers in the world each season.

exclusive worldwide dealers

Note:  due to  extensive copying by industry competitors worldwide, we do not show the majority of our recent collections or designs online. 
For additional information to view our collections and designs  please contact: