(please print and present the above invitation at the door for access to the June 28 performance presentation)


JUNE 28, 2010 at 20H00

Geoffrey B. Small and a team of leading performance artists
in fashion say no to nuclear energy and arms proliferation

   "Logomania" will be the historic Paris presentation of a new collection dedicated to the people of Italy, and around the world,  who are now facing the ominous spectre of the global Nuclear Renaissance in their own backyards and homes, with all its terrible, and irreversible, risks and dangers.  

Constantly pushing the lines between fashion, art, social commentary and service to the community, on June 28th at the end of the men's international fashion week in Paris,  Geoffrey B. Small will introduce the world's first international designer fashion collection dedicated to raising awareness about the true risks, dangers, and costs of the new "nuclear renaissance" now taking place in Italy and around the world...

...with a private live-event that will combine a special fashion performance casted by the artist and supermodel Stephane Olivier, with sound and lighting by Maurice Giraud, photographed by Guido Barbagelata, and filmed by the independent Paris filmaker Jerome Chichet, for worldwide distribution.

The very first collection of its kind in the fashion world, we look forward to hearing from you soon, and seeing you in Paris at Logomania.

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