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the first international designer fashion collection to openly come out against the dangers of nuclear energy and arms proliferation in the 21st century

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"The shot heard 'round
the world"
the Italian people stop
nuclear power in italy

"This is not a flower..."
 the special Logomania art installation in Venice during the opening of the 54th International 2011 Venice Art Biennale

Logomania in Sport&Street
"Fashion against nuclear"

Helping to save Venice from
Nuclear Catastrophe on the Lido di Venezia during
the 2010 Venice Film  Festival


"Logomania begins"
the Paris pre-event press story:

Watch Logomania in Paris now on

Geoffrey B. Small the Show "Logomania revisited"

Dedicated to the people of Italy and around the world who now face the ominous specter of the global Nuclear Renaissance being pushed upon them by governments and industry as a "clean and safe" energy solution to global warming. A documentary short shot by Paris independent filmmaker Jerome Chichet that captures the historic, emotional presentation and surprising finale in Paris of Geoffrey B. Small's "Logomania" --the first international designer fashion collection that openly comes out against nuclear energy and arms proliferation in the 21st century. Edited by Geoffrey Small. Casting Stephane Olivier. Lighting and stage production Maurice Giraud.

Why create "Logomania?": Watch this.
The Paris Keynote Introduction

The larger text version of the keynote digital presentation as shown in Paris just before the start of the runway show that drew remarkable applause, and clearly explains the reason behind the creation of the first designer collection to come out against nuclear energy and arms proliferation and helped stop the return to nuclear power in Italy.

see the photos shot by
Guido Barbegelata (here)

The Logomania pins:
A PROUD SYMBOL and part of the Italian grassroot's citizens movement which won the referendum to Stop Nuclear Power in Italy as well as the new growing worldwide antinuclear movment. The Geoffrey B. Small Logomania pins and badges were created to be an ultra-cool, affordable "open source" fashion approach designed to be worn in any way you want - with anything you want, and an aim to go viral, and spread a global message of survival to stop the nuclear madness before it's too late. Crafted in Italy exclusively for the designer, a significant portion of proceeds of all sales goes to support leading non-profit organizations involved in the  worldwide anti-nuclear movement. Use your creativity to help save the world from the nuclear threat. A super high-visibility communication tool and fund-raiser for organizations, civic groups and local activists groups (contact us directly for special pricing.) Individuals, you can now purchase the elegant new nickel-plated version and support one of the world's most dedicated anti-nuclear organizations, Reseau du Sortir du Nucleaire here...

Groups, companies and organizations
contact us directly


The new Logomania t-shirt for
Sortir du Nucleaire:

JUST introduced in Venice during the 2011 opening of the 54th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia with a stunningly beautiful photo essay by photographer Roman Tcherpak shot in Pripyat Chernobyl with models who were born there before the disaster, the pure organic cotton t-shirt with water based print color was created specifically to help support the work of the Reseau de Sortir du Nucleaire, as part of Geoffrey B. Small's historic Paris fashion runway collection “Logomania revisited” --  the first international designer fashion collection to openly come out against the dangers of nuclear energy and arms proliferation in the 21st century. It was specially made in certified fair trade organic exchange African organic cotton  exclusively for the designer and printed with environmentally-safe water-based inks by master craftspeople in Treviso, Italy. The t-shirt is designed to work beautifully with any jackets, coats, sweaters, tops, jeans, pants,or skirts in your wardrobe. Feel free to wear the piece in any way your creativity wishes.
Your purchase helps support one of the world's most dedicated anti-nuclear organizations. Available now for men, women and children at
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Logomania fashion runway show coverage now in Uomo Collezioni - the industry's leading fashion runway show magazine covering all the shows in Milan, Paris, Florence, New York and London. "A humourous play on logos, extensive hand tailoring, organic and recycled luxury materials, an emotional presentation, and a surprising finale in Paris"...see the coverage

Geoffrey B. Small and Logomania now in See.7 magazine Geoffrey B. Small is interviewed by Joshua Williams in the premiere issue of See.7,  a new magazine focusing on global fashion across all seven continents and the people who create, innovate, share, swap and reappropriate clothing every day to suit their style, or express their personal or cultural identity. See.7 is published in New York and comes out in September (

Logomania now on Sortir du
The Network SORTIR DU NUCLEAIRE is currently the main French antinuclear coalition, with a membership of 883 organizations and 27,166 individual subscribers.  It is completely independent, entirely funded by donations and subscriptions from its members. "Leader mondial de la mode verte et ecologique, Geoffrey B. Small est un designer Americain avec plus de 30 ans d'experience artisanale"...more

Logomania clothes reviewed on Fashionology
'On each and every garment from Geoffrey B. Small's Logomania collection, as they were displayed ... badges could be seen, of various dimensions, all representing the same nuclear symbol barred in red, an aggressive graphism, creating a violent contrast with the delicate fabrics they were pinned on. And this bold reminder of Geoffrey's strong dedication to the antinuclear cause may indeed have looked, at first sight, quite outlandish amid all these illustrations of timeless refinement. But this was not the case, as one was progressively induced to admit ; because the barred symbol and the refined clothes were basically making a similar statement'...more

Logomania on the complete and unedited Paris photo story presentation of the SS2011 season's most controversial new collection photographed by Guido Barbagelata now exclusively on

Geoffrey B. Small now in Eco-Fashion: the new book on sustainable design by FIT Florence Program director Professor Sass Brown published by Laurence King, London. With
"The Race is on" a foreword page  written by Geoffrey B. Small as well coverage of his ground-breaking recycle and sustainable design work. Coming out in September. See a preview of selected excerpts...

Geoffrey B. Small's "Madras and seersucker, the   Road, the Land, and the Voice" - the haunting story of a special collection of works and Italy's beautiful "Basso Polesine" created exclusively for the legendary Okura store in Daikanyama, Tokyo see it on

Geoffrey B. Small's "Stop the Madness" Paris March 2010 oversized graphic collage presentation invitation  and introduction on

Geoffrey B. Small's "Towards Nuclear Renaissance" and his intense, emotional inward-looking treatise on the creation of the collection that follows it entitled "Madness and loneliness of an independent designer" on

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The historic Paris
Keynote presentation

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english version

italian version

download the presentation
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english version

Italian version

The Logomania Paris Show photos by Guido Barbagelata

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Where to find Logomania

pins and selected items:

Sortir du

and other select non-profit
environmental & anti-nuclear groups
and organizations worldwide

main collection items:
(available spring.summer 2011)

Minority Rev,
Tokyo Ginza
Fukuoka Hirao

John Bull Private Labo,
Osaka Shinsaibashi




The 4.
Kuwait City

Geoffrey B. Small,
Cavarzere Venezia

tokyo kichiyoji

tokyo, daikanyama

Note: a portion of all sales from Logomania
goes to support select non-profit environmental & anti-nuclear groups and organizations worldwide who are working to stop nuclear energy and arms proliferation

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